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As a small business owner, what are the three most important things for me to know from the legal standpoint?  First surround yourself with good professionals like a business lawyer, accountant, insurance broker and banker.  You know your business better than we do but we know our business and can make sure that you are protected and have the resources that you need to succeed.

Second, make sure that they have legal protection against the outside world; I always suggest that my clients operate their businesses as either a corporation or an LLC.  A corporation or LLC can protect your personal assets against business liabilities.  Give me a call and we can discuss the differences.

Finally, make sure that the relationships between you, your partner(s), your company and its employees, vendors, landlord and service providers are always, clearly defined and in writing.   Business is like marriage.  In the beginning everything is rosy.  When problems develop, memories tend to be selective and highly adversarial.  A written agreement brings things back into focus awfully fast.


Real estate litigation encompasses so much….  It can cover everything from landlord/tenant disputes to clearing clouds on title to property to dissolving real estate partnerships and so much more.  This area of law is very complex because the rules are so old and have been around since the cities and towns of America were formed and land was bought and sold.

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Hey contractors!  Ever not been paid on a job?  Do you have a written contact?  Do you know your rights?  How many stories can you tell about how someone tried to screw you at the end of a job? I am sure that you are all great and what you do but I can be one of your most valuable tools when you are being pushed around and not getting paid.

Kindwald Law knows construction and knows the law.  Kindwald Law can get you’re your money whether through a mechanics lien, public or private bond, breach of contract or some other applicable cause of action.  Don’t talk about getting paid, let Kindwald Law get you paid the money that you earned.


Agreeing to buy and sell real estate is easy.  Making sure that the transaction is properly documented and closed is another.  Kindwald Law is experienced in representing both sellers and buyers in residential and commercial real estate transactions.  Bottom line, we get the deals closed.

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The downturn in the economy has caused Kindwald Law to expand into this practice area.  These types of cases are always initiated by the bank to try and take he roof out from under homeowner’s head.

While in most cases, the homeowner has really not paid their mortgage for a myriad of reasons, we help homeowners slow down the train (THE BANK) so that they can explore their options which range from moving under their terms, to a short sale, to a work-out agreement.  Sometimes it is just a matter of buying the homeowner some time until the homeowners can get close to the best deal that is possible.

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